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Source Compare allows your team to track the progress of figures and images so you can easily tell what the latest version is, how it has evolved over time, and drop suggestions for ways to improve it so that everyone stays in sync.



Create a new figure by uploading a png, tiff or jpg and solicit feedback from teammates.


Add comments and suggestions to the figure.


A/B test multiple iterations within a version and vote on your favorite one.


Compare version of the figure to see how it changes over time.


Provides a single source of truth to download the figure for everyone on your team.



Version 1 Iteration A: plain white tiger
check mark for accepted iteration
Version 2 Iteration A: tiger with purple glasses
check mark for accepted iteration
Version 2 Iteration B: tiger with aviator glasses
x for rejected iteration
Version 2 Iteration C: tiger with 3d glasses
x for rejected iteration
Version 3 Iteration A: tiger with purple glasses, bowtie and hat
x for rejected iteration

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How it works

One Project

Create a project and invite followers

A project is the home for all of your items in a specific design. Create one and invite everyone that you want to have access to your beautiful creations.

Create items for each asset you will develop

Each project can have many items, so create them as needed and track them on the page for that project.

One Project
Item Detail

Start version tracking your items

On the item detail page you can see a graph that shows all the versions the image has had. Can't decide whether your burger should have a blue or green background? No problem, upload both and see which one your coworkers like the most based on what they vote for.

Quickly navigate through your iterations and versions, vote on your favorites and download ones you need, all in one place. See the progression track update in real time as vote tallies for different iterations change as your coworkers vote on their favorites.